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Our investing process is a bit different than most investment managers.  While we essentially use the bottom-up approach, important consideration is also given to macro economic conditions.  That combination enables us to pick the best investment opportunity across multiple asset classes and increase the potential to realize higher returns for your portfolio.  Finally, our obsessive attention to risk management ensures that your portfolio's downside is well protected.


We offer several investment strategies that are designed to fit different risk profiles and return objectives.  Nevertheless, each strategy embeds the same level of emphasis on risk management even as other elements differ.  Below is the brief description of these strategies:


Requiring a long-term horizon, our GROWTH strategy is designed to generate capital appreciation. It is ideal for investors that have both, the ability, and the willingness to take risk.  

This strategy has the broadest exposure of asset classes and may include, in addition to Large-cap U.S. equities, positions in Mid / Small (SMID) capitalization companies as well as International stocks.  


Designed for investors with a medium-term horizon, our MODERATE strategy focuses on income generation along with some growth.  It is a good fit for investors with moderate risk tolerance.

This strategy does have constraints of investing only in Large capitalization ($10B +) stocks.  However, Exchange Traded Product (ETPs) may be used to get exposure to Global SMID cap companies.


Focusing primarily on income generation, our CONSERVATIVE is ideal for investors with short-to-medium term horizon and low risk tolerance.

This strategy uses only ETPs and completely avoids using individual stock or bond positions. Similar to other strategies, ETPs may be used here as well to get SMID and international exposures. While targeted returns are lower than our other strategies, the risk undertaken is also lower.  


Structured more for risk-mitigation and yield generation, our OPTIONS ENHANCED strategy is best suited for investors with higher risk tolerance given the use of derivatives.    

This strategy may sell call options against existing positions and may sell put options against cash when new positions are to be initiated or additions are sought to existing positions. 


Special situation dependent, our CUSTOMIZED strategies address a specific investor objective.  E.g. A retiree investor needing tax-free income and therefore a Tax-free Municipal Bonds portfolio.  

Whether your situation requires income generation, capital appreciation, ora combination of both, our breath of market coverage enables us to customize solutions that fit even the most unique of circumstances.    


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