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Oppoquest's mission is to help individual investors generate their required investment returns.  Unlike many in our industry, we do not try to maximize our revenues by selling as many financial products as we can.  We focus exclusively on investment management in order to give the attention and care your investment portfolio needs.  Simply put, WE WANT TO MAXIMIZE YOUR INVESTMENT RETURNS!

We also offer the best level of service that is highlighted by unmatched access to our portfolio managers.  Quarterly conference call or one-on-one meeting - we are open to any level of engagement that you prefer.  Most importantly, underlying everything that we do is the commitment of our people to the highest ethical standards.


Our Philosophy

We have a simple investing Philosophy that has been derived from the successful investing methodologies of past and current investing legends as well as the learnings from events like the Tech bubble and the great recession.    


Our Process

Our investing process is a bit different than most investment managers.  While we essentially use the bottom-up approach, important consideration is also given to macro-economic conditions.


Our Services

Actively managing Investment Portfolios is our core competency and we offer investing strategies for multiple risk profiles and account sizes.  We also have strong partnerships for complimentary services. 


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