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Buying Compelling Opportunities

A vitally critical function of our operation, identifying compelling opportunities consumes most of our time and effort. To that end, we employ a fundamental analysis based process. The ideas we generate spawn across asset classes and have stringent qualifying hurdles like liquidity and capitalization. More importantly, we are able to find opportunities in all market conditions given our knowledge and experience of investing in multiple asset classes. It therefore is not surprising that almost all of our strategies include ideas from Equities, Fixed Income, Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Business Development Companies (BDCs) and Leveraged Loans / Floating Rate Notes (FRNs).

Manage Risk Prudently

Risk management is the core element of our value addition. We monitor all our clients portfolios on a daily basis to ensure that the risk undertaken is appropriate to the expected market environment. Daily assessment is necessary, in our view, given the dynamic environment we live in. In addition to standard constraints like limiting position size, sector exposure, and strict sell discipline to manage risk, we also use correlation analysis extensively to implement our risk management process. We are firm beleivers than non-corelated ideas offer true diversification not number of securities. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that our clients' portfolios get downside protection under all market conditions.

Keep Costs Low

High operating costs and fees have been a painful reality for most individual investors and a huge drag on their investment returns. With the objective of minimizing these costs, we have partnered with INTERACTIVE BROKERS (IB), the leading on-line trading platform for independent advisors like us. IB offers the lowest costs and best trade execution in the industry and has been ranked # 1 over multiple years by BARRON'S, a sister publication of the Wall Street Journal. We would like to emphasize here that despite IB's low trading commissions and custodial charges, its trade execution and product capabilities are strong and second to none. With respect to our own management fee, we believe we offer the most competitive rates in the industry that you will find attractive. Our lower cost structure and personalized service truly puts the client interests first.

Deliver Superior Returns

Investment returns are frequently misunderstood or mischaracterized. Therefore, all our strategies focus on TOTAL RETURN (TR) which is the most comprehensive measure of investment returns. TR, of course, includes capital gains as well as income or yield. Given that yield is an important component of most of our multi-asset investing strategies, we think it is critically important to understand how the fixed income sector works. Focusing only on yield though is likely to also create problems as the table below illustrates.

superior return chart

Our experience in the fixed income sector offers our clients with an important capability that many of our peers cannot match. Our goal is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients and we believe the combination of our philosophy, process, and people can make that happen.