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Value Generation

Dynamic Asset Allocation, No Closet-Indexing

An important part of our value addition is the ability to invest accross asset classes and sectors. More importantly, we are unafraid to act on our investing convictions. Therefore, we tend to actively rebalance our strategies and take advantage of emerging opportunities. We are convinced that your interests are not at all served if we construct your portfolio to "hug" popular indices and simply generate the same returns as those indices. In fact, you would be better off just investing in an index ETF or mutual fund if the objective is to achieve market returns. As you can see, we are strongly against closet-indexing.

Tactical Sector Rotation

Times have changed. The buy and hold approach to manage investments is proving to be outdated given the rising volatility within sectors of the market even as the overall market volatility trend has been subduded in recent times. Actively exploiting these tradable opportunities has become an integral part of our investing process resulting in enhanced returns and better risk management. We think that our ability to understand multiple sectors from a bottoms up level helps us to reposition your portfolios in a timely fashion and capitalize on such opportunities.

Heavy Emphasis on Risk-Management

A core element of our value-addition, risk management is embedded in every step of our investing process. Right from the stage of constructing your portfolio to monitoring and rebalancing positions, we careful evaluate the risk from individual positions, sector weightings, and correlations to ensure that tolerable risk parameters are not violated for any of our strategies. This disciplined approach has served our strategies well, especially during times of major market stresses.