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Performance Driven

Emphasizing Long-Term Returns

We invest for the long-term.  Therefore, our investing framework involves deveoping economic and business cycle expectations alongwith a bottom-up understanding of the individual idea under consideration.  All ideas we look at have a long term thesis and hold solid shareholder return potential either through capital appreciation, dividend income, or in many cases, a combination of both.  Our holding period is generally over three years unless the expected return is realized earlier or the thesis for buying that idea is broken in which case the position is eliminated.  We never buy securities on speculation or rumors of events like mergers/acquisitions, patent approval, or contract wins.  

Multi-Asset Investing Strategies

We consider our ability to invest in multiple assets as a key differentiator and a source of significant strength in our pursuit of increasing returns & reducing risk for your portfolio.  Key asset classes like Equities and Fixed Income are well understood by most investors.  However, other asset classes such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), Floating Rate Notes (FRNs) and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) can also provide significant diversification benefits if used judiciously.  Our familiarity with all of these investing options brings a distinct advantage to your investments. 

Minimal Cost Drag

One sure way to add to your portfolio returns is keeping operating costs low.  As mentioned in our Philosophy section as well, we have partnered with Interactive Brokers (IB), a leading online discount broker, to ensure that we have some of the lowest operating costs in the industry.  IB has been rated the best online broker by Barron's for multiple years and is an ideal platform for independent advisors like us.  An important element of our relationship with IB is that there is no referral fees or commission sharing.  Further, trading commissions are ultra-low to begin with when compared to the rest of the industry.  And finally, our Management Fee is also extremely competitive.  The combination of ultra-low fees and unmatched operating costs significantly limits the drag on your investment returns.